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Attention all Prospective and Returning Newtown Youth Basketball Referees!
Newtown Youth Basketball is set to begin our 2018-2019 season. Once again we have great opportunities for High School students and athletes to participate in our program in a variety of ways.    If you are interested please read below for brief descriptions and details of the opportunities that will be available. You can sign up by clicking Referee, Scorer, or Hall Monitor Sign-up Form above.
Positions are open to Boys/Girls in Grades 9-12 ONLY for the 2018-2019 school year.

REFEREES: This opportunity is for youths interested in being a floor official and calling games. You will be expected to know and interpret the rules of the game, control the flow of the game as well as ensuring the safety of the players while games are being played. You will be partnered with another referee on the court who, depending on the grade level assigned, will either be an adult referee mentor (Grade 5 and above games) or another youth referee (Grade 4 and below games). This will also require partnership and coordination with League Directors, Coaches, Players and Score Table Officials.
SCORER’S TABLE OFFICIALS: This opportunity is for youths interested in running the time clock/score board and keeping the official score book. You will need to have knowledge of the game rules, ability to keep accurate record of in-game activity as it happens, and maintain constant awareness of the happenings on the court. This also will require partnership and coordination with League Directors, Coaches, Players and on court Referees.
HALL MONITORS: This opportunity is for youths who are interested in ensuring that people in the gym area of our schools are following School guidelines and staying within the areas of the gym allowed, not wandering through the buildings, dribbling balls in hallways or off of walls, and generally not causing any damage to the facility. This role will require individuals with a strong sense of personal responsibility who can interact with the general public in a courteous and authoritative manner.

Classroom and/or Floor Training will be required for these positions.  You will be notified when those dates/times are scheduled.

If you have further questions please contact Top Martinez