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Weather Policy:
1) Weekdays at Newtown school venues- Whenever school is canceled (or dismissed early) for snow/inclement weather, all NYBA evening events at the schools are automatically canceled. If there is a delayed opening at school, NYBA events are still on, unless you specifically hear otherwise from your coach. Please note that when Newtown schools are closed for holidays, there are no NYBA practices or games at those locations.
2) Weekends at Newtown schools venues- Our determination regarding whether to play is generally based upon road conditions and the custodians ability to make it to work. As soon as we have information, we'll pass it along via e-mail to the league directors and coaches.
3) Weekends and weekdays at non-Newtown venues- Your coach will be in contact with the coaches/tournament directors from non Newtown venues/events and will inform his/her team if a game is cancelled.
Notwithstanding the weather policy, coaches in their sole discretion may opt to cancel practice due to inclement weather.
All game cancellations, however, must be coordinated through the league, as there are paid referees, and other scheduling considerations.